Dog fouling a priority issue

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The county council has increased the number of officers tasked with combating dog fouling in Northumberland this summer.

The ‘don’t stand for it’ campaign will see an extra 21 officers work with residents to tackle the problem of dog mess.

The campaign will clamp down on irresponsible dog owners who spoil the environment and create serious health risks for members of the public by failing to clear up after their animal.

Existing civil enforcement officers are being trained to carry out dog fouling and littering enforcement as well as their regular duties.

The council said it is adopting a zero tolerance approach to dog fouling this year and officers from the council’s public protection service will be carrying out enforcement operations all summer.

Coun Dave Ledger, deputy leader of the council, said: “This is a community problem and something residents have identified as a priority for us to tackle.

“Front line services, like cleaning up the streets, are at the forefront of our plans.

“The additional presence on the streets will give back-up to the existing task force to help us work together with residents to improve this situation for everyone.”

Residents can now report incidents of dog fouling online as part of the council’s ‘save time, do it online’ campaign or by calling to 0845 600 6400, or emailing