Dog fouling is a disgrace

Once again this is another letter regarding the disgusting problem of dog fouling.

I myself am a responsible owner of two dogs and walk them at different locations in the local area, ranging from the river Wansbeck down to St Mary’s Lighthouse and Humford woods at Bedlington.

I have noticed the problem of fouling is getting worse in all these areas, and other places.

I recently took my dogs to the rugby pitches near Blyth beach and could not believe the amount of dog dirt that was lying in the grass verges, on the paths, on the pitches, and the aero club field.

Also, the practice of some dog owners of taking the time to bag the poo then to throw it onto the adjacent fence or into the food crop fields beggers belief.

Surely it is time for the local authority to get serious about this problem that is blighting our beautiful beach areas and other places.

Let us see more dog wardens on patrol that are actively looking for people who are not picking up after their dogs, also better warning notices, and heftier fines would not hurt.

I recently confronted a person who watched their dog deposit its load on to the rugby pitch. He was not bothered one bit and said as no one bothers he could not see what the problem was. And he did not have any poo bags any way.

Pity any poor rugby players that would have to play on that pitch.

So well done to the owners who pick after their dogs and shame on the ones who do not.

It will be thanks to them that the majority of areas will be off limits to all dog walkers.

So come on the council, get your act together and get tough on this problem that effects us all.

Mr Flynn