Dog waste is still problem

In response to Coun Alex Wallace’s letter, ‘We’re proud of our beach’ (News Post Leader, May 14), voted best in Northumberland.

Yes, the residents of Cambois are proud that our beach has been voted the best, however, we have an ongoing problem with visitors bringing their dogs here to exercise and either not picking up the dog waste or if they do, throwing the bag away in the sand dunes.

The Cambois Community Association has written to Northumberland County Council to request an increase in dog wardens and extra patrols for this area.

We realise that the new laws prohibiting dogs at Newbiggin and Blyth beaches will lead to extra visitors exercising their dogs here, and although residents are not opposed to this, we do not want our beach and the surrounding area spoilt by irresponsible dog owners, so pick it up and bin it, please.

Secondly, yes, this is a lovely beach, and one can walk from the mouth of the river Wansbeck to the river Blyth, there is only one problem – a giant disused water outlet pipe which blocks the walk and forces walkers to exit the beach either side of the pipe by climbing onto the dunes and then down again to resume their walk.

The Cambois Community Association are actively seeking to have this pipe removed.

Dorothy O’Connor

Secretary, Cambois
 Community Association