Dogs should be muzzled by law

HOW many more cats have to be seriously injured or mauled to death by vicious dogs trained to attack defenceless cats and other small animals?

Week after week I read of people heartbroken by these acts of violence.

Years ago I witnessed a cat being killed by these dogs, the trauma stayed with me, as it did with close family members who have lost their cats the same way.

Why aren’t these owners being made to put muzzles on these out of control pets? Why is there not a law to make dog owners do this?

Why are these people allowed to keep a dog capable of such violence in the first place?

They don’t see nor care about the heartbreak and complete devastation these mindless acts of violence have on the pets and owners.

I know the police are aware of the problem area but what are they doing about it?

Bring in some laws to muzzle the dogs and also vet and ban certain people from owning them.

It’s a just matter of time before these dogs kill, or seriously injure a child or a member of the public at large.

Why can’t something be done about it beforehand?


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