Don’t knock competition

I am replying to Mr Cornell’s letter (News Post Leader, January 22), and his criticism of a competition for the best small shop in the country.

Influential people in our society, including MPs all over the country, are invited to try and attract small shops to take part in a competition to find the best small shop.

To enter the competition the owner has to write in so many words what qualities their shop has to win an award.

There is no monetary reward for anyone involved in this process, so it has no financial impact on the general public.

The reward for the Small shop would be obvious publicity and pride in what they have achieved.

Small shops and business do provide a very valuable service for the community as well as providing employment to local residents.

It must be remembered that anyone brave enough to have a go and start a business has to be prepared to invest a large amount of money, perhaps their life savings or borrowings to get a business idea of the ground.

And working long unpaid hours and accepting ‘that’s how it is if you want to succeed’.

Whatever can be done to encourage people to start a business, particularly in our area, has to have a positive response and we need more. Please don’t knock it.

John Wilson