Don’t leave valuables on display

Police are reminding motorists not to give thieves a helping hand by leaving cars unlocked with valuables on display.

The warning follows reports of six thefts from cars in Blyth, between Sunday, May 4, and Thursday, May 7, in Solingen Terrace, Appledove Road, Ultor Court, Grenville Road and Crofthead Close.

Valuable items such as sat navs, handbags, clothing and jewellery were stolen.

Neighbourhood Inspector Dave Simpson said: “Opportunist thieves will seek out insecure cars by walking down the street trying door handles and looking for anything left on display or hidden away in glove boxes.

“It takes them just a few moments to reach inside and steal something from the seat or glove box so it’s important people take a few moments to remove anything of value from the car altogether.

“And always make sure the car is locked, even if only leaving it for a short time, and if possible make sure it’s parted in secure and well lit areas.

“On a recent patrol of the areas affected officers found 93 cars left unlocked in several different streets as well as bikes left insecure in gardens.

“Officers are speaking with residents to offer crime prevention advice and urge anyone who may have information about the thefts to contact police.”

Anyone with information can call police on 101 ext 69191.