Doreen wants war memorial details online

Cramlington War Memorial.'REF 2904140330
Cramlington War Memorial.'REF 2904140330

A history enthusiast is hoping to create a website of information from a county war memorial to commemorate the outbreak of the First World War.

Doreen Morton is researching the Cramlington Village war memorial and is looking for anyone with any details to add to her research.

“Last year and to date, due to my interest in history, local history, and the anniversary of World War One, I decided to research the war memorial and church memorials, and the names thereon,” she said.

“I discovered some very interesting and poignant stories.

“Many of the descendants of these men are still living in Cramlington or district and I would love to have contact to share my research and their information and photos.

“It would be a wonderful tribute to these men and boys who left a small village never to return, if the people of this now large town, supported our endeavours to remember their sacrifice.”

Doreen is now looking to create a website with the information she has uncovered, and is in the process of organising an exhibition.

Anyone who has any details can contact Doreen via the town council office in Concordia.