Dräger calls on workplaces to highlight drug and alcohol dangers

The Dr�ger DrugTest 5000.
The Dr�ger DrugTest 5000.

With the festive season upon us, international safety manufacturer Dräger is calling on workplaces to remind staff about the dangers of having a few too many.

It may be the time of year for seasonal cheer and getting merry, but it is also the time of year when people are more likely to get killed or injured on Britain’s roads.

For those operating machinery, working in a safety critical environment or driving any vehicle for work purposes, being aware of the risks to safety when it comes to drugs and alcohol, is vital.

Where drugs and alcohol are involved, the morning after could lead to the loss of a driving licence, a costly legal case, or be the cause of an accident.

With its long history in the field of drug and alcohol testing, Dräger understands the risks to both individuals and businesses. From impaired performance to lack of productivity and safety, as well as compliance with legal requirements, employers need to be aware.

Andrew Lowdon, Marketing Manager for Impairment and Sales Channel Partners at Dräger, said: “We’re not trying to put people off having fun this Christmas. It’s about reminding them that if they’re not fit to work or drive, doing so is putting themselves and others at great risk.

“The consequences of being under the influence of drugs or alcohol are too great to ignore. We only have to look at the numbers killed or injured on our roads every year to see how serious they can be.

“In amongst the good times this Christmas, we’re reminding employers to spare a thought for what can happen when drugs and alcohol are involved – and highlight the dangers to their employees. They have a duty of care to employees and the public – and a little reminder can make all the difference to business from a safety, legal, reputational and financial perspective.”

As one of the only kits currently on the market with Home Office Type Approved for roadside and custodial drug-testing of cannabis and cocaine, the Dräger DrugTest 5000 is being used by police forces across the UK in their clampdown on drug driving.

Dräger’s extensive range of ‘breathalyser’ equipment is helping to catch drunk drivers around the country. The company also offers workplaces a wide range of support to help with the roll out of drug and alcohol testing programmes.

Andrew continued: “With the new laws introduced to tackle drug driving earlier this year, being aware is more important than ever. This Christmas, police officers will be testing thousands of drivers around the UK in a bid to combat the menace drunk drivers and those driving under the influence of drugs pose on our roads.

“People could lose their livelihoods – and worse – by being over the limit for alcohol and legal or illegal substances.

“Throughout the festivities, we’re urging everyone to think again about what they’re doing, be aware of the limits and put safety first.”