Drivers need penalised

How many times do we see cars with a headlight off and the other one so badly adjusted it dazzles other drivers?

There are many vehicles with a brake light or rear light off.

Many cars today drive around in the daylight with their front auxiliary lights on.

If they need them to see in the daylight, how will they cope in the dark.

Or is it the driver simply has no idea where the switch is to turn them off.

It is not uncommon to see drivers driving at night in a built-up area with the headlights on main beam, dazzling everyone coming in the opposite direction.

It is amazing that these drivers are not prepared to spend a few pounds for new bulbs, but are perfectly happy to pay hundreds of pounds for – blacking out the windows, noisy big bore silencers, and sat navs.

Surely the priority is to ensure the vehicle is roadworthy including the lighting, instead of paying lots of money for non essential extras.

Finally, more and more vehicles are fitted with sat nav, enabling some drivers to ‘fiddle’ with them when driving.

Surely this practice is just as dangerous as using a mobile phone while driving and should therefore carry the same penalty.

William Dixon