Driving away opportunist thieves

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NORTHUMBERLAND motorists are being urged to follow crime prevention advice to drive away opportunist thieves.

The message comes following a slight increase in vehicle crime in Ashington, particularly in the College Road, Alexander Road, and Milburn Road areas.

Some of the offences have involved motorists leaving their vehicles insecure or goods on display.

Ashington Neighbourhood Inspector Barrie Joisce said: “Vehicle crime is generally low in the Ashington area, however in recent weeks we have seen a slight increase in the offence.

“Because of this, we’re urging residents and visitors to take crime prevention measures to stop any further offences.

“People should secure their vehicles and not leave any items at all on display.

“Sat nav holders or connecting wires are a clear indication to criminals that there may be such a high value item in the vehicle which increases the likelihood for vehicles to be broken into.

“Goods should be removed, particularly items of value, or stored in boots or gloveboxes.

“If people take time to assess the security of their vehicle and follow some simple crime prevention advice, they will greatly reduce the risk of becoming the victim of opportunist thieves on the lookout for easy pickings from vehicles.

“Motorists should also think about the cost of the damage caused to their vehicle as well as the inconvenience of a break-in.

“Our Community Support Officers are actively identifying vulnerable vehicles to ensure property is removed but we need the public to play their part by making it harder for criminals by ensuring they are vigilant and don’t leave items on display.”

Anyone who spots any suspicious activity in their area should contact police on 101, extension 69191 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.