Dual already busy road

I’m sure everyone has seen the new build developments going on in and around the surrounding South Beach area.

By all means, this is good investment for the area, but a major headache for the community already living here.

I am sure many will have had the pleasure of the daily bumper to bumper routine and probably had enough.

What plans have been drawn up to resolve the already inadequate, over-crowded Laverock Hall Road?

When will it be turned in to a dual-carriageway with a proper underpass for people to cross safely?

Whoever came up with the original idea to cross half way is an imbecile.

There is no other alternative route to get out of Blyth unless you want a detour through Seaton Delaval and pushing the problem on to its doorstep.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but the ten signs on the Laverock Hall Road state 50mph, why do I always get stuck behind someone doing 30mph at non-peak hours?

Another annoyed motorist

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