Duty to promote alternative energy

I FEEL compelled to write and offer some balance with regard to the strident and at times vitriolic views expressed every week by anti-wind farm campaigners.

I am in support of wind farm development and proud to see Northumberland Wind Farms. I genuinely feel they do no harm to the view – and often enhance views.

The one proposed near Chevington would be visible from our home, but in reality the land involved has been an industrial opencast wasteland all my life and it is good to see it being put to use, (and with the public access too, landowners take note).

More importantly I would ask anti-wind campaigners to step back and think – do they expect to be able to turn lights on in 50 years time by relying on foreign gas supplies and dwindling traditional electricity generation?

I cannot believe such a policy offers strategic common sense and frankly any alternative energy generation capacity either at domestic or industrial level should be encouraged.

While it is clear politicians at the national level have forgotten the lessons of history I hope the people of Northumberland haven’t.

As a parent of a young child I feel a duty to promote alternative energy to protect their future prospects and encourage others to think about the bigger picture.