eBikes ‘are the future’

A FreeGo electric bike.
A FreeGo electric bike.

A businessman is looking to clean up Northumberland and reduce the numbers of cars on the roads with the introduction of electric bikes.

Frank Hutton, who runs Bank Top Bikes, says eBikes make it easier for people to cycle as they use battery power and are cleaner for the environment.

“I’m here as a regular bike shop, to fix people’s standard bikes, or convert them to electric operation, but I’m an eBike specialist,” he said.

“I don’t sell ordinary bicycles, only eBikes. It’s their time now.

“There is already a visible surge in the numbers of eBikes in use in the county, and I would like to see this trend continue, because it’s making the world a nicer place to be.

Visit www.banktopbikes.co.uk for details.