In need of investment

I write in response to the letter from Dawn Powell (News Post Leader, June 18).

Blyth is the largest, most densely-populated town in Northumberland.

It was home to the largest outdoor market regularly held at least three days per week, which brought thousands of visitors from afar.

The town offered a diverse range of shopping opportunities that led to a vibrant shopping centre with huge footfall for all. Of course, towns up and down the country have also suffered decline, for whatever reason, but it is very difficult to accept that this has happened in Blyth, a town that has so many positive things going for it.

Nonetheless, we are where we are today, and, for the past 18 months, I have been writing to our council’s officers and members to provide a strategy, a forward plan, a recovery initiative for Blyth.

Northumberland County Council has sold off tens of millions of pounds of Blyth’s assets in the last few years alone, with none of that money being invested back into the heart of the town.

I ask that other citizens and businesses in Blyth to request the same, for some or all of this money to be put back from where it was taken.

Our neighbouring towns have had, or are receiving, huge inward public and private investment for their recovery. Blyth can recover. I would say to the businesses in our town that may be suffering, financially or otherwise, that there is help out there.

To take advantage of it, they need to contact the county council, which does offer help and support.

We must try to keep what business we have in our town centre now and build on it.

Barry Elliott