Lessons in e-safety earn award

A pioneering school is top class when it comes to online safety.

Hareside Primary School in Cramlington has become the first in Northumberland to achieve the national 360 degree safe E-Safety Mark.

Headteacher Geoff Love said: “Staff, children and parents have been working hard over the past year to ensure we are doing all we can to help children stay safe online.

“It’s great to have this confirmation of the quality of work we have been doing.”

The status is awarded by the South West Grid for Learning Trust, which is at the forefront of national developments in e-safety.

It has provided an online tool to help schools identify and address potential e-safety risks and evaluate their online policies and practices, while offering suggestions of how they can improve.

To apply for the E-Safety Mark, schools must reach a series of benchmark levels, complete an online self-review and pass an inspection by assessors, who pay a visit to check up on work.

Schools are expected to demonstrate a high standard of e-safety education and awareness for all staff, pupils, parents and carers.

The Hareside assessment team noted: “It was obvious that e-safety was part of a much bigger agenda that helps ensure that the school feels a safe, secure and welcoming place to be.”