School has improved says Ofsted

A SCHOOL put under special measures following a damning Ofsted inspection earlier this year has been told by inspectors that it is making progress.

In April, Ofsted demanded that The Blyth School Community College tackle shortcomings identified during a two-day inspection.

Now a new report indicates that the Chase Farm Drive school is making progress towards increased achievement levels.

It cites a rise in the quality of teaching due to the sharing of best practice and the introduction of consultant-led professional development training for teachers.

Measures implemented include the appointment of an interim executive board, a local authority school improvement officer and a consultant head.

The report noted ‘a sharper focus on improving achievement and assessment information shows more students are making better progress.’

Acting headteacher Alison Jobling said: “We are extremely pleased with our first monitoring visit report and proud of the commitment and determination shown by all our staff, our students and their families in supporting our rapid drive for improvement. We will continue to get fully behind any new developments which will help us to improve the quality of our teaching and ultimately benefit our young people, who deserve only the best.”