Efficient system cuts energy costs

A business centre in Northumberland is making huge savings in its electricity bills after switching to a state-of-the-art renewable energy system.

Monday, 6th March 2017, 2:47 pm
Updated Friday, 24th March 2017, 9:58 am
Jörd Energy joint managing director Ian Goodwin at the heart of Wansbeck Workspaces ground source heat pump installation.

Jörd Energy, which specialises in ground source heat pumps, has completed the first of a four-stage installation of the efficient and environmentally friendly technology at Wansbeck Workspace in Wansbeck Business Park, Ashington.

Initial data taken by the company has revealed a 75 per cent saving in energy costs. The building is owned by Arch.

The ground source heat pump system uses the same principles as a refrigerator, but in reverse. The pump extracts heat from the ground and absorbs it at low temperatures into a fluid inside a loop of pipe buried underground.

This liquid then passes through a compressor that raises it to a higher temperature, which in turn is used to heat water for the operation of heating systems.

Jörd Energy joint managing director Ian Goodwin said: “Ground source heat pumps provide the lowest running cost of any heating system and I’m delighted to say our first install has exceeded the client’s expectations.

“Like Wansbeck Workspace, we too are located on the Wansbeck Business Park, which is on the site of the former Ashington Colliery.

“And, like those before us, we are continuing the tradition of harvesting the energy reservoir in the ground beneath our feet. However, in our case, we are not extracting carbon in the form of coal, simply heat from the ground.”