Energy support could sway votes

Voters are more likely to vote for candidates who back local issues such as council tax and housing, new research has revealed.

Independent research carried out by ComRes revealed that 63 per cent of voters would support candidates who want to freeze council tax levels.

And those potential councillors who want to see more affordable housing in Northumberland were supported by 60 per cent of people asked.

There was also support for candidates who back wind farm developments, with 31 per cent of voters more likely to vote for them.

The findings have been backed by those in the renewable energy industry.

Maria McCafferty, chief executive at RenewableUK, said: “Voters want their local politicians focusing on the issues they care about most, and not criticising wind energy which many of them support.

“The north east plays host to some wonderful examples of the wind industry’s support chain including Northumberland itself, and with £277m flowing into the region for every installed megawatt of onshore wind, supporting renewable energy can really reap tangible benefits.”

Other issues were reducing the number of immigrants, leaving the EU and reforming the school examination system.