Beach now back on the level

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A BEACH battered by stormy weather last winter is now back looking its best after being revamped by maritime engineers.

The central area of Newbiggin beach had dropped significantly and sand that used to be there had piled up to the north and south of the bay as a result of strong winds.

Lots of sand had also blown up onto the promenade making it difficult to negotiate for buggies and wheelchairs.

An Environment Agency-funded programme of works to restore the beach to its original levels has been completed by contractor Lumsden and Carroll after three weeks’ work.

The project was drawn up by Northumberland County Council in collaboration with Natural England to ensure that seabirds and their habitats were not disturbed.

The latest works follow a £10m restoration of the beach, pictured, in 2007 using hundreds of thousands of tonnes of sand shipped from Lincolnshire.

Newbiggin Central and East county councillor Alan Thompson said: “The natural distribution of sand by the sea created a build-up at the south east end of the bay, resulting in difficulties for visitors and residents.

“The re-profiling will reduce the volume of wind-blown sand that caused many problems.”

Dave Bamford, environmental manager at the county council, said: “Highways and neighbourhood services staff undertake the continual removal of sand deposited by the wind on the promenade on a regular basis.

“Yearly inspections of the beach will determine the amount of levelling required to bring it back to its existing levels.”