Freezy does it for firm out to go green

The solar panels on the roof of the Polar Krush factory in Ashington.
The solar panels on the roof of the Polar Krush factory in Ashington.

Ashington’S Polar Krush factory is already famous for the bright colours of its frozen drinks, but now it’s going green too.

The business has proven its commitment to being eco-friendly by installing solar panels on the roof of its Wansbeck Business Park office and plant and installing two more electric vehicle-charging points alongside the two already fitted.

The 212 solar panels the company has had fitted on its roof, the largest private installation in Northumberland, will produce about 50,000 kilowatt hours of electricity a year.

Paul Goldfinch, Polar Krush’s commercial director, said: “As manufacturers of frozen drinks, warmer weather is good for our business. However, that doesn’t mean we neglect our responsibilities when it comes to our carbon emissions.

“We’re very conscious of the impact we, as a business, can have on the environment so we are fully committed to taking steps to reduce that impact.”

The firm has also developed a concentrated fruit juice drink range designed to be better for the environment.

The Green Juice range – supplied to hotels, hospitals and care homes across the country – has reduced the amount of packaging and vehicles required to deliver it by up to 85 per cent.

Gary Gleeson, the firm’s national sales manager, said: “Green Juice is a prime example of a product that can make a positive contribution to our customer’s environmental policies, without compromising on cost or quality.”

The juice, power points and solar panels are helping the firm make headway towards its goal of becoming carbon-neutral.

Gary added: “We’re committed to reducing our carbon emissions across all parts of the business.

“Energy use, packaging and transport have all been streamlined to ensure we are as carbon-friendly as possible.

“Being an environmentally-friendly business doesn’t need to be expensive or time-consuming. In fact, we’ve found that both we and our customers can save money, time and effort while still helping the environment and we’re proud to be leading the way in our industry.”

The Polar Krush Group’s fleet includes a Nissan Leaf car and it has two additional cars on order. It is also considering trying out electric vans.

The company’s partial switch over to electric vehicles is being funded by the North East Charge your Car project.

The scheme is aiming to make the region home to Europe’s most advanced electric vehicle-charging network by installing more than 1,000 charging points before the year is out.