Town aiming to be a ‘gateway to the county’

A new plan to make Cramlington a beacon for environmental good practice was launched this week.

The plan went ‘live’ on the town council website on Monday.

It is hoped that communities and people will contribute towards the ‘organic’ and ‘evolving’ plan to improve Cramlington and safeguard the environment.

The blueprint has been part funded by the National Lottery and introduces the theme of ‘Cramlington – the gateway to Northumberland’.

The initiative will see roads and traffic islands approaching the town centre given a facelift.

Coun Allan Hepple, leader of the controlling Labour group of Cramlington Town Council, said: “The council has made many improvements but it has lacked a sense of direction and resources have been spread too thinly.

“We’ll use the strategy to identify priorities and to focus our spending in these areas so that we can make a real impact before moving on to other priorities.

“We’re starting in east and south east Cramlington because we feel these are the areas in most need of improvement. The strategy will start with a number of projects for these areas and we’ll talk to the local community on the details of these before works start.

“We want the community to get involved with improvements they think will make a difference to where they live.”

“This will be a great example of the community and the council working together on a shared project.

“Cramlington is undergoing resurgence with improvements to the town centre and the opening of the new hospital, so it’s important the council plays its part in supporting these developments.

“I want to make Cramlington the leading town in south east Northumberland and the best place to live and work.

“Much of new plan encourages new approaches and we’ve got to be willing to take chances with the design of our townscape.

“I see this as a ‘living plan’ which will grow and reflect our town over the coming decades.”

To view the plan online, go to