Volunteers sought to monitor river fly species on the River Wansbeck

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People with an interest in Northumberland waterways are being sought as riverfly samplers.

Waterways charity, The Northumberland Rivers Trust, are calling for volunteers to observe aquatic invertebrates in a bid to monitor the health of rivers and streams across the county.

The Northumberland Rivers Trust director Pete Kerr said: “Riverfly are a real barometer of the health of our rivers and streams.

“These little creatures help us to monitor just how healthy our river ecosystems are.

“Streams and rivers are a very important natural resource and support many living organisms – including you and I. We’re asking for people with an interest in river life and who would be willing to carry out monitoring at a few key times during the year on their ‘patch’ to become a riverfly sampler.

“Whether you’re a keen angler or just enjoy being out and about on the riverside, if you are willing to be a volunteer you’ll be helping us by providing valuable information to help us conserve the habitats of these insects.”

Anyone interested in becoming a riverfly volunteer can attend a free training day on Sunday, May 19, to learn how to identify and collect data on different river fly species.

Volunteers, who are advised to wear welllies, will be provided with sampling equipment to take away and use during their river fly census.

The event, hosted by the Riverfly Partnership with The Northumberland Rivers Trust takes place at Wallington, on the River Wansbeck.

Spaces are limited so email Pete Kerr at peter.kerr@northumberlandriverstrust.co.uk for more information, or to sign up.