Estate’s life expectancy figures are top for girls

Northburn Estate at Cramlington.'REF 270114
Northburn Estate at Cramlington.'REF 270114

An area of Cramlington has one of the highest life expectancy levels in the UK for girls.

A baby girl born in the Northburn estate could expect to live to 105, according to the survey by Public Health England.

The report, which looks at the whole of the UK, has identified Cramlington’s Northburn as one of the top places to live – if you are a girl .

Boys still lag a little behind in life expectancy but overall Northburn is cited as a great place to be born and live.

Town and county councillor Wayne Daley said: “This is fantastic news and shows what residents here have known all along – that this is a great place to live.

“We have lots of things to keep people active including cycling routes, pram walks, boot camps – but more than anything clean air and access to some beautiful countryside and beaches nearby.

“Nortburn estate is singled out as the best place to live a long life and much of that is down to access to health services and a wonderful sense of community which makes people feel better.

“I am really proud the area I live in and represent is being recognised as the best place to live a long life.”

The report also shows increases in life espectancy for boys of 97.7 years.

The statistics have also exposed the staggering disparities in life expectancy in different parts of the country.

At the other end of the spectrum, girls born in parts of Bradford and Salford will, on average, fail to reach their 73rd birthdays.