EUROPE: Brexit risk is too great

Our membership of the European Union has given the north east billions in funding and we are net recipients of EU funds.

Sunday, 29th May 2016, 6:00 am

The north east is due to get £664m in the next five years.

Just in the north east alone recently released figures show that Newcastle and Durham universities have benefited from over £50m since 2008. This funding enables universities to conduct groundbreaking research, benefiting the local economy and increasing economic growth.

Our membership has helped improve workers’ rights and protections. The EU is directly responsible for getting UK workers the right to paid holidays. It has given us maternity rights and has helped even out the playing field for agency workers.

We get consumer protection from our membership too. The EU voted to ban data roaming charges in Europe within the next two years. This means no more nasty charges for using your phones abroad.

We get environmental protection with our membership to the EU. One such case is the EU regulations on air quality. This has ensured our air quality is the highest it’s ever been, helping to protect us and the environment at the same time.

There are countless other things that I could mention that show us why we, locally and nationally, are better off in the EU.

The risk of a Brexit is too much for both us in the north east and nationally.

Jonathon Proctor