EUROPE: Democracy in action

Having read Mr Campbell's column (News Post Leader, June 9), I share his concerns over the Transatlantic Trade Investment Partnership, TTIP. But I cannot agree the way to solve this is to leave the EU.

Sunday, 19th June 2016, 6:00 am

The EU is in the process of negotiating such trade deals, but France vetoed a deal because it does not provide enough protection for EU citizens.

One multi-national company has been declined a licence for one of its main products by the EU in response to millions of signatures from EU citizens. This is democracy in action, decrying the argument that the EU is not a democratic organisation and demonstrating that it does not put multinationals’ interests before the interests of its own citizens.

The people of Europe elect a parliament by proportional representation, which means it is a democratic organisation. Our present government is far less democratic. Because of our first past the post system only 32 per cent of the public voted Conservative.

How would this government give us the same protection as the EU in a scramble to make trade deals if we leave?

Trade deals can impact on workers’ rights. Some believe that we need to leave the EU so that we can take back control of making our own laws. Only 13 per cent of our laws are imposed on us by the EU.

As for protection of public services, I am certain that if we leave the trade deals we would find ourselves with would pose threats to our NHS.

By staying we can share strong bargaining power, which affords us protection.

I have already used my postal vote to vote ‘Remain’ and I hope Mr Campbell will reconsider his decision.

Sheila Wright