EUROPE: Life will go on as ever

Now that the Prime Minister and his close friends seem to have almost exhausted themselves in their sad predictions as to what will happen if the British people vote to leave the EU, it is worthwhile considering what Mr Cameron stated as his aim before he entered into the negotiations which have led to this referendum on June 23.

Sunday, 12th June 2016, 6:00 am

The Prime Minister stated that he would settle for nothing less than ‘fundamental, far-reaching change’ for the EU and would then hold a referendum.

In reality, he went to the EU and asked for little and got even less.

Nothing that he has been promised is enforceable as the various treaties (Maastricht, Amsterdam, Lisbon and the others) remain unchanged and are incapable of change without the agreement of all 28 members of the EU, most by referendum.

It follows, therefore, that Mr Cameron has not managed to achieve anything of what he promised, which was ‘fundamental, far-reaching change’, for nothing has, or will, change, unless, of course, the electorate of Britain vote to leave on June 23.

A vote to leave the EU will not produce any of the awful results predicted by Mr Cameron or Mr Osborne. Life will go on and trade will go on, it always does.

What it will produce will be a return of our sovereignty, our own rule of law and our own power to make our own way in the world.

I still await the prediction of the onslaught of a plague of locusts if we vote to leave, but, like all the other predictions, I do not think that will happen.

A vote to Remain will confirm the path to a United States of Europe, for that is the direction of travel of the EU.

A vote to Leave will, in my view, open the way to a new, bright future for Britain, unburdened by the red tape bureaucracy and financial levies of a wasteful and undemocratic system located in Brussels.

Christopher Dorman-O’Gowan