EUROPE: No reason to fear EU exit

Many houses in the Cramlington area will, by now, have received a handout called ‘Europe & You’.

The whole thrust of this ‘propaganda sheet’ seems to be to frighten the electorate into voting to stay in the European Union.

Let us dwell on two matters: the first is the European Arrest Warrant.

This means that you can, at the behest of a requesting state, be transported without any examination of the case against you here to the requesting state and there is nothing you can do about it.

Your own country, the UK, will send you to a foreign state because that foreign state asks for you. Does this sound fanciful? Believe me it is not. This has happened to a number of British people, locked up for two years abroad to find that there is no case against them. In the meantime they have lost their jobs, their mortgages and sometimes their homes and families.

That is one of the benefits of being in the EU that the ‘in’ crowd parade before you.

As for the generality of the economic argument for us staying in the EU, we should remember that already we are not part of the Euro Zone, which has done such damage to many Euro Zone countries.

We are not Norway (five million people), nor are we Switzerland (eight million people), we are Great Britain with a population of 62 million people. The proposition that we would, once out of the EU, have to re-negotiate trade terms from a position of weakness is risible.

We have formidable bargaining power. We are the fifth largest economy in the world, the fourth strongest military power, we have a seat on the Security Council at the United Nations and are a member of the G7 largest trading nations.

When it comes to negotiating terms with the EU, or anybody else, we have nothing to be afraid of except fear itself.

In a turbulent world we are doing very well and we must not lose confidence in ourselves or forget who, or what, we are.

Christopher Dorman-O’Gowan