EUROPE: Not enough information

The EU question '“ a quintessential Curate's Egg.

Friday, 18th March 2016, 10:55 am

We are about to make one of the most fundamental decisions this country has to make, but what are we basing it on? We now see this or that celebrity coming out on one side or the other – well that’s really going to make me vote their way.

The quality of the information we are being supplied with by these great and good is pathetic at best. It has to make us wonder why.

The answer to my mind is simple, because no one really knows the path the country will take given whatever option we choose.

If we stay in do we suddenly become an intimate partner in the ‘European Experiment’? Because it looks more and more like the shots are being called by one, or at best two central pillars.

If we leave do we face the suggested wasteland of trade embargoes and the loss of our working and economic infrastructure?

Either is crass rhetoric to sway public opinion, a dangerous and somewhat precipitous course of action.

I think ‘we’ the public are being treated in the most disrespectful way by people who we employ to give us the quality of information we need to make our minds up, independently.

Malcolm Robinson