EVENT: An exciting experience

Recently I attended Leading Links BBC School Report Question Time.

Friday, 25th March 2016, 6:00 am

It was a positively lively event, with every single person there participating.

BBC North’s Colin Briggs was the host for the panel and the participant politicians were Richard Wearmouth, Dean Jackson and Ian Lavery MP, and various students from St Benet Biscop Catholic Academy.

Every student was brilliantly articulate and extremely engrossed in the issues being discussed, and as a member of the audience it was exciting and encouraging to watch young people being so involved in politics and passionate about political issues.

As well as the students, the audience was also very involved throughout the evening, with the host of the event Colin Briggs directing many questions towards the audience and asking for people’s opinions on the topics being discussed.

The audience helped make the atmosphere that much more exciting as you could feel the passion and camaraderie of the local community in the air.

Some of the topics discussed throughout the evening were the state of education in the north east, the current curriculum and the restructuring of school grades, the EU referendum, the NHS and junior doctor strikes, and many more topics.

Seeing the differing political views of the panel members was interesting indeed and helped make the evening a lively and exciting experience.

I recommend going along if Leading Link hosts BBC School Report Question Time again as it is an experience not to be missed for those interested in politics and local community issues.

Jessica Karen Thompson

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