EVENT: Remarkable effort by all

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On Saturday, May 26, the three Methodist churches – Newbiggin, Ashington and Stakeford – came to St Andrew’s Church at Newbiggin, from 3.45pm to 6pm, to remember the war years, 1939 to 1945.

We entered the church where we had a prayer from the minister Marie Attwood, who then switched on a video of Chamberlain giving the speech about the start of the war. It was very moving.

Then we went to the rear room, which had been decorated with flags, ration books and Dig For Victory posters, etc. We even had warden helmets.

Loads of people had dressed like the 1940s style.

Everybody had a seat at a table, all of the women had brought food and the ladies in the kitchen were all dressed in full-length pinnies and headgear.

They never stopped serving tea and coffee, they were amazing. They all deserve a special mention.

Then we had a special performance from the Doo-Wop Dollies. They sang 1940s’ songs all afternoon, they were terrific.

There must be a special mention for our minister Marie Attwood, who brought all of this together, she is remarkable.

When it came to a close I presented the Doo-Wop Dollies with a bouquet of flowers each.

It was a wonderful afternoon.

Jack Lothian