Event to drive down anti-social road use

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A SPECIAL event has been organised in Ashington tonight (Thursday) aimed at cutting down anti-social road use.

Officers from the town’s neighbourhood policing team have teamed up with a number of groups to organise an event for modified and performance car enthusiasts.

The aim is to provide a suitable location for the drivers to meet with like-minded people and discuss their interests.

The neighbourhood team have received complaints from local residents about anti-social driving – specifically racing through car parks, loud exhausts and speeding in built-up areas.

Ashington CSOs Martin Hayes and Andy Crosby, working with local motorists and listening to their concerns along with those of the local community, found the main problem is that there is not a proper location for enthusiasts to meet.

They have now joined with Cramlington Motorclub, Woodhorn Museum and Northumberland Archives and Northumbria Fire and Rescue to organise Thursday’s event.

Cramlington Motorclub staff will give a road safety information while the fire and rescue service will be doing a car cutting display to demonstrate the perils of driving dangerously.

The motorclub members are also placing their own vehicles on display and will provide advice and expertise in how enthusiasts can channel their interests in a positive way.

Woodhorn Museum and Northumberland Archives is allowing the event on its land.

CSO Hayes said: “This event benefits both the local community and motoring enthusiasts.

“It gives the drivers somewhere safe and legal to go and it keeps them from driving anti-socially on the streets of Ashington and gathering in public car parks.

“Police will be on hand throughout the event speaking with drivers and making sure the event is managed safely.

CSO Crosby added: “We are looking to organise more events of the this type in the future.

“It gives us the ideal opportunity to work with a section of the public who can be quite hard to reach and who there are a lot of negative opinions about.

“Hopefully this will see some of the drivers think a little more about how their driving can impact on the whole community.

“We would like to take this opportunity to thank all the agencies involved in making the event happen, a big thank you must go to Woodhorn museum for allowing us to use the land.”

The event is tonight (Thursday, March 3) between 7.30pm and 10.30pm at the Woodhorn Museum car park.

Anyone can attend and take part.