Events to remember victims of disaster

Early on the morning of Sunday, August 13, Woodhorn Colliery was rocked by a devastating underground explosion and the community left grief-stricken by the tragic loss of 13 men.

Thursday, 11th August 2016, 8:41 am
Woodhorn Museum, Ashington Picture by Jane Coltman

Throughout the summer of this centenary year, the events of that fateful day are being remembered in a series of activities at Woodhorn Museum.

A commemorative trail has been produced highlighting objects and buildings pertinent to the Woodhorn Disaster. Visitors can also join staff for a daily guided tour of the former colliery site. Both will conclude with a look at a revealing plan of the underground workings and the destruction wreaked by the gas blast.

Children’s craft activities also have a mining theme – until tomorrow they can make a miner’s tally and from August 13 they can learn about and make disaster glasses just like the ones on display.

On the anniversary itself, on Saturday at 11am, visitors and the wider community are invited to join with descendants and families of the men lost in the tragedy for a commemoration.

The gathering will take place in the shadow of the pit wheels at the memorial statue to honour the victims of the disaster.