EXCAVATIONS: Please stop the ‘moles’

Has anyone else resident in the Wansbeck area noticed the numerous excavations around lampposts?

Two tidy soil heaps, either side of the hole, guarded by bollards and barriers and covered with plastic boards to protect unwary pedestrians from falling into the holes, but forcing them into the road in order to pass hazards.

These enthusiastic and very zealous phantom moles move on and dig again. The holes remain unattended for weeks at a time.

In June a hole was dug immediately outside my back door. It was left for two weeks. I complained to the council about the length of time the job was taking. That afternoon the hole was filled in and covered as a temporary measure.

One morning in July, the excavation began again. The workmen assured me that the work would be completed that afternoon. On returning home at 5pm, the hole had once again been filled in, (temporary measure).

On August 19, work commenced again, with digging out for the third time as previously described, and so it continues.

Can the council halt or discourage these phantom moles before they use up all their supplies of barriers, bollards and plastic boards?

I am elderly and disabled and have difficulty negotiating the plastic boards.

The organisation of the contractors leaves much to be desired. No reason or excuse for the delays. Such as waste of taxpayers’ money.

Name and address supplied