Excellent care from hospital’s staff

So much has been in the press over the past few days regarding the lack of staff at hospitals at weekends and the service they provide. I’d like to express my experiences at Wansbeck General Hospital on Saturday, December 14.

After it was necessary to ring 111 I was given an appointment to go to ‘out of hours’ at the hospital after being quite ill overnight.

The doctor saw me at the appointed time, assessed me then he took me into A&E department for treatment himself.

A nurse, who had the patience and professionalism to make sure I was being properly looked after and all treatment and tests taken by yet another nurse who saw me very quickly.

But I became more ill and transferred through to ‘resus’ for further help, all within a short time of arriving.

I was in a very busy department where there were at least five doctors and lots of nurses on duty, also a consultant.

The x-ray department was in full operation and I was aware of two people being x-rayed and relieved of their pain due to dislocated shoulders (from different accidents) thanks to the consultant in the department.

There was even a cardiologist for my doctor to consult regarding my condition before I was allowed back home after being stabilised by this team of under appreciated medics doing a magnificent job.

During the time I was in the various rooms I was aware of the fact that people were not waiting excessive times and were being seen to as quickly as possible.

A portable x-ray machine was used several times in the department I was in, and although extremely busy, I was impressed by the professionalism of the staff.

My experience was nothing like the current news reports.

I want to say thank you to the treatment I received, and especially to say that I am proud that we have such a good hospital in south east Northumberland, I am also proud that such an excellent hospital is on the edge of the ward I represent in Ashington.

Thanks again.

Coun Pauline Thompson

Hirst Ward