Extended use of fireworks is getting worse

We agree wholeheartedly with Trudi Eadington’s opinions about the extended use of fireworks over a period of over three weeks (News Post Leader, letters, November 14).

Again, our experience was exactly the same with our dogs frightened out of their wits.

The oldest dog twisted his legs after jumping in fear at an unexpected firework and was unable to walk for three days.

That cost us a bill of £250.

Our lab/collie cross refused to go outside for weeks and that cost us another £65 as she succumbed to a bladder infection as a direct result.

We also bought herbal sedatives and a pheromone plug in, as well as a thundercoat for her.

It is not just the money (bad enough) but the fear and trepidation that the dogs endure is awful to watch.

The lab/collie cross trembled with fear and had to be sedated.

We actually went away for five days to a quieter area but couldn’t escape the inevitable bangs.

Something needs to be done as year on year things become worse.

Graham & Aileen Wood

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