Eye-catching way to highlight issue

A striking image warning what could happen to coastal towns in Northumberland in the next century as a result of climate change is among a set that have been produced by a photographer and activist.

Monday, 26th February 2018, 14:00 pm
The Blyth: 2187AD picture by Lauren Darn is one of her SubmergedUK campaign photographs.

Although the SubmergedUK campaign by 23-year-old Lauren Darn uses lighthearted imagery, it comes with a serious message about potential coastal submersion and encourages collective climate action.

It is based upon the Surging Seas Risk Zone Map from Climate Central. This map was used to locate towns and cities that are most likely to be submerged by rising sea levels of 29 feet.

This is the amount that has been predicted to happen if there is a four degrees rise in global warming from current levels.

The recent graduate from the University of Leeds did the photoshoots on the North Yorkshire coast with people she knows.

Blyth is one of the towns at risk and as she was getting her bathroom re-done, the toilet she no longer needed was used in the picture titled Blyth: 2187AD.

Lauren, now a trainee with the Yorkshire Wildlife Trust, said: “I created this campaign to remind people that we all have enormous power to change the world if we, as billions of individuals, work together towards a common goal.”

She is looking to do more photographs, this time with members of the public, in the coming months.

For more information and to contact Lauren, visit www.submergeduk.com