EYESORE: A '˜boil' on the town

Wow! A proposed cinema for Ashington town centre, plus eateries and more. How wonderful to read about this, (News Post Leader, February 22).

Saturday, 17th March 2018, 5:55 am

Of course, something had to take the place of the redundant county council headquarters in the town centre.

You could not have a levelled area with a fenced hoarding around it spoiling the look of Ashington, unlike Bedlington, where we will endure another year of the ‘The Great Wall of Bedlington’.

It is the ‘boil’ of Bedlington, red and yellow hoarding protecting all the rubbish that is placed therein.

How long must dear old Bedlington suffer this disgraceful blot on the landscape, and in its very heart?

AS Marr