FACILITIES: Lacking in services

I write with reference to recent letters in respect of litter-droppers.

Friday, 8th July 2016, 6:00 am
Public toilets.

I feel a reason for dirty streets in Blyth these days is the lack of waste bins.

As a resident of Newsham Road, I have complained to both the nominated council staff member responsible and my councillor regarding no waste bins in Newsham Road.

It is over a year since I complained about the amount of rubbish dropped in Newsham Road and the lack of waste bins, yet nothing has been done to place waste bins on the road, despite statements that it would be looked into. When will this be done?

The lack of public toilets in Blyth is disgraceful. I appreciate that public funds are hard to come by these days, however public toilets are essential.

I recently went to the toilet at the back of the Keel Row during the day to find it closed. I now find the toilet at the corner of Broadway field is closed, and the toilet at the beach between Blyth and Seaton Sluice is closed.

With not only residents, but also visitors needing toilets, what are we supposed to do to avoid getting fines for urinating etc in streets when requiring the need?

Can councillors and council staff please advise on this through your newspaper?

Name and address supplied