FAIR: Hopes for annual event

I would like to thank the many thousands of people who came to Bedlington Street Fair and made it such a huge success. A well-behaved, nice, family atmosphere was our intention and that’s exactly what we got.

From the huge amount of letters and comments of support we have received, it seems this event has struck a chord within our community.

We have been asked to make it an annual event – here’s hoping.

I also have to thank some people without whom it would never have got off the ground. Firstly Paul Tayler (Community Works) and John Houghton (carnival rides), and the local managers and staff at Northumberland County Council, who always play major roles behind the scenes. Thanks Amanda, Chris and your teams.

A special vote of thanks also has to go to the chairman Dave Ledger, and chief executive of Arch, Peter McIntyre, for their support. Thanks also to Bedlington Central councillor Alyson Wallace.

Malcolm Robinson

Chairman, West Bedlington Town Council