FALL: Marvellous kindness

I write to give a huge thank you to the small crowd of marvellous people who stopped to help my elderly father when he fell and hurt himself in Bedlington on February 1, at 3pm.

Sunday, 13th March 2016, 1:00 pm

There was teamwork and kindness.

An ambulance and police were contacted, dressing applied, a chair brought, a blanket brought, a hat loaned, and lots of kindness and reassurance given to my dad, who had been blown over in the wind.

One lady even visited the next day to ask after dad.

Thank you hardly seems enough. I was emotional and my heart was melted at the level of kindness shown by this lovely group of ladies and gentlemen.

Dad and I are very grateful. Thank you for restoring my faith in people.

Ann Hyatt