FALL: Thank you for helping

I would like to thank the kind people who stopped and helped myself and my partner on Thursday, March 10, at around 5.30pm, opposite the Co-op shop in Station Road, Bedlington.

Thursday, 24th March 2016, 1:00 pm

We had been out walking with our dogs when I tripped and fell backwards, severely injuring my head and losing consciousness.

My partner was in shock and hanging onto our four dogs when a lovely lady came running across the road and helped care for me.

Another gentleman then came to help.

My partner said he wore a jacket with either a fire or ambulance symbol on it. He apparently took over, and an ambulance was called. He put me into the recovery position and had checked my breathing.

My partner also said other people had offered to help with the dogs while he waited for the ambulance as they were becoming distressed, seeing their “Mum” laying “asleep” on the ground.

He also had offers to help walk them home once I was safely in the ambulance and on my way to hospital.

This is, unfortunately, the second time I have had an accident in 14 weeks, the last one being on my electric bike just before Christmas when a young air cadet, Brandon, came to my rescue.

I certainly hope not to make a habit of falling over or becoming unconscious when out, but it’s good to know there are some very kind people here in Bedlington ready to help anyone in distress.

Many thanks again to those very kind people.

Grace Travis