Family cat shot on busy school route

Fears have been raised that children could be at risk after an air weapon was used to shoot a family cat near a school.

John Wenn was left shocked and angry after finding 13-year-old Meg had been shot with an air rifle.

John Wenn of East Drive at Blyth with his cat Meg-shot by air rifle.'REF 0202151786

John Wenn of East Drive at Blyth with his cat Meg-shot by air rifle.'REF 0202151786

The incident happened near Bede Academy, in Blyth, and now John fears that youngsters making their way to the school could be hurt.

John, of East Drive, said the incident happened between 7.30am and 9am when pupils were making their way to school, and he is concerned they could be injured.

“After x-rays and injections at our vets we brought her home to see if she would make it through the night as internal injuries were impossible to confirm without surgery,” he said.

“She now has an entry hole in her left side and the pellet has gone through her and embedded into the skin on her right side.

“She is showing signs of recovery although she could still develop peritonitis if any internal damage has been done.

“However, the most scariest part is the fact that she was shot between the times of 7.30 am and 9am and our house is situated next to a very busy route for children walking to and from Bede Academy in Blyth.

“This is not an isolated case of someone discharging a weapon as there is evidence of the street lighting being shot out several times, which the council has also reported to the police.”

St Clair vets in Blyth discovered the pellet after x-raying Meg.

“For the pellet to travel through her like that the vet assumes that she was either shot at close range or by a high powered possibly gas powered rifle,” added John.

“We are unable to have the pellet removed at present as we don’t have pet insurance, and we are still trying to catch up after spending almost £1,000 on her sister last year, also the cost of x-rays, injections and fees last week.”

Gwyneth Evans, principal of Bede Academy, said: “We are grateful for the warning from one of our neighbours and sorry to hear about their pet.

“Students have been made aware of the incident and have been advised to be vigilant as they walk to school, both for their own safety and in case they witness anything relevant that could be passed on to the authorities.”