Family of 11 take on run in aid of charity

A family whose relatives have a history of heart disease have donned their running gear to raise funds for a national charity.

Brenda Dash and ten family members took part in the Subway Helping Hearts Family 5k at the Town Moor in Newcastle following a history of heart disease that has affected her mother and father, twin brother and older brother and sister.

Now the 61-year-old cardiac clinical physiologist has vowed to get herself and her family fit by being more active, and joined hundreds of others at the weekend’s 5k for her first big running event.

Brenda said: “I have always admired people with the motivation to go running, and the Heart Research UK event has given me that motivation to run and to continue running.

“It’s hard work in the beginning but it is well worth the effort.”

“I did the 5k in 37mins which is not too bad considering I had never run since leaving school and I will be 62-years-old in a couple of months,” she added.

Among those who took part with Brenda were husband Lawrence, daughters Caroline, 35, and Susan, 39, and her husband Sam and their children – Lauren, Nancy and Isaac – as well as another grandchild, Eve.