Family support work goes on with funding

Valuable family support services have been secured thanks to a £10,000 grant.

Thursday, 23rd August 2018, 11:35 am
Escape Family Support chief executive Janet Murphy.

Escape Family Support has received the maximum funding award from the Coalfields Community Investment Programme to protect the role of a health and wellbeing trainer.

Escape, which is based in Ashington, provides counselling, drop-in services and one-to-one support for anyone affected by drugs, solvents or alcohol, as well as offering confidential advice and information.

The wellbeing trainer works with carers and families to support them through any issues arising from substance or alcohol abuse.

The grant funding was delivered through the Coalfields Regeneration Trust, which will also offer Escape access to its resources and services, such as help with funding bids and marketing.

Escape chief executive Janet Murphy MBE said: “We often work with people who have incredibly complex personal lives and can become some of the most isolated in society.

“By providing support, counselling and educational information we are able to give people the skills, knowledge and confidence they need to change their lives for the better.”

She added: “We would like to take this opportunity to thank the Coalfields Regeneration Trust for giving us the funds we need to continue to deliver our support with the guidance of a professional health and wellbeing trainer.”

Andy Lock, head of operations (England) for the Coalfields Regeneration Trust, said: “Working with organisations such as Escape Family Support means that we can go some way to safeguarding the valued services that are delivered within coalfield communities and give residents access to the support they often desperately need.

“It’s not just those that have found themselves to be in a difficult situation with drug and alcohol misuse, but also the family and friends around them.

“Through group therapy sessions and by offering a robust pathway into recovery Escape Family Support is able to ensure everyone is receiving the valuable support they need and we are very pleased to show our support for the services it offers.”