Fan-tastic opportunity to grab some cash

CRAMLINGTON shoppers are being invited to grab some cash – with a chance to win £1,000.

Ramsdens in Manor Walks Shopping Centre will be hosting a giant inflatable ‘cash grabber’ between 11am and 4pm on Friday, August 24.

Contestants will enter the ‘Ramsdens Cash Grabber’ for just 15 seconds with the aim to grab as many orange and silver tickets as possible as they are blown around by a fan inside the inflatable machine.

Orange tickets are worth five points and silver tickets minus one point in the ‘Crystal Maze’ inspired gamed.

The participant that collects the most points on the day will win £25 cash, entering into a nationwide competition where they could win £1,000 if they collect the most tickets in the country.

Ramsdens marketing assistant Alexandra Green said: “We’re looking forward to meeting people in Manor Walks and giving them the opportunity to show their skills in the Cash Grabber.”

Manor Walks general manager Bruno Coppola said: “The Ramsdens Cash Grabber is something exciting and innovative that we have never done in the centre before and is a great way to bring people together.”

Contestants will be able to track their position in the nationwide league table via the Ramsdens website and Facebook page.