Farm manure blamed for smell in town

MANURE on a Bedlington farm has been causing a nasty smell in Cramlington.

Northumberland County Council received around 25 complaints about a smell lingering in the town.

The council established that the smell was the result of organic chicken manure and have assured residents they should now notice the smell disappearing.

Cramlington resident Sue Slattery said: “The smell was awful, there was just no getting away from it.”

Coun Wayne Daley said: “I have had loads of reports of this and it stinks.

“The contractor has been asked to give a break down of the works undertaken as they might not have employed best practice for spreading in this case.

“Defra guidance suggests spreading close to housing should employ certain methods and certain equipment and we need to be happy that those methods were employed in this case.”

A council spokesman said: “We have established that the smell has come from organic chicken manure being used on a farm at Bedlington.

“This has now been ploughed in and residents and motorists should notice a dramatic improvement. “The humid weather this week has also meant the smell didn’t dissipate as quickly as it might have.”

“We are now in contact with the farmer to find out how much manure has been used and what methods were used to spread it. We will give advice on the guidelines about spreading manure, so that this doesn’t happen again.”