Fear of full bins attracting rats

I AM writing with regards to the shambles of the bin collections.

Our green bins were due to be emptied on Wednesday, the day they went on strike.

After a bank holiday the bins are emptied the following day.

But on the Thursday morning I rang the council to find out when our bins were being emptied.

I pointed out that all the waste bins were still out on our estate, some really full, and was told the council had no idea how many people went on strike and residents had to have both our green and blue bins out for Wednesday.

My son asked as to why Sita can still be bringing loads of rubbish from different areas into the landfill site, right next to our estate, and yet our bins can not be emptied for at least another five days.

It is a well known fact that the landfill site is rife with rats, so our point is that when a lot of people still have their bins out, if the weather changes and these bins are blown over, chances are the rats will be on our estate as well.

The reason that a lot of people have still got bins out is the council has not let people know exactly when the bins are going to be emptied.

The council is quick enough to jump if people owe them money, but it’s a different story now.