Fears over delays to traffic light repairs

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Parents fear a child could be seriously injured or killed due to delays repairing a set of traffic lights.

The pedestrian lights near Asda in Cowpen Road, Blyth, have been out of order for two weeks.

And parents say the busy school runs have now turned into a daily risk as they battle to find gaps in traffic to cross the road.

Mandy Walker said: “Someone is going to end up getting hurt. Drivers aren’t giving pedestrians a chance.

“I saw one elderly lady get half way across and give up as she couldn’t find a gap in the traffic.”

A spokesperson for Northumberland County Council said: “Our contractors are working hard to get the traffic signals on the south side of the staggered crossing working constantly as soon as possible.

“Four different issues have been identified and repaired over the last two weeks.

“We have responded promptly but each time a fault has been rectified another element has subsequently failed.

“A technician is attending again today [Tuesday] and we are monitoring the situation closely to make sure the pedestrian crossing is fully operational as soon as possible.”