Fed up to back teeth with buses

AN ‘Angry Passenger’ (News Post Leader, letters, August 4) is not the only one – I too am regularly fed-up to the back teeth with the services.

I am a frequent Arriva passenger using all-zone weekly or monthly tickets over a wide number of their buses, and it has become beyond a joke trying to get a bus that follows the scheduled timetable.

I’ve got to the point where if I have any changes of bus during a journey that I take a far earlier bus for the first leg because you can guarantee, regardless of what the timetables say, it will turn up late and then miss the connection to the second bus.

An example would be twice this week’s travel, requiring a change at Cramlington shops from the X10 onto the X13. The X10 should arrive at Cramlington five minutes before the X13, but each time it was late and just missed the transfer – resulting twice in a wait of nearly half an hour for the next X13.

Recently my son needed to use the service 43, again from Cramlington shops, to attend a job interview.

The 43 is once an hour so he took the sensible option of standing around at Cramlington having taken a far earlier bus than he possibly could have purely to ensure he did not miss the connection.

My route home from work used to require three buses, but the initial bus is another of these hourly services and late (or often not turning up at all) with such frequency that I now walk 25-30 minutes after work to get to the stop where I would normally change to the second bus.

But one thing I would like to know is, why on earth does Newsham have a pretty good frequency of bus services but covering such restrictive destinations?

Everything other than Cramlington or Newcastle means travelling down to the town centre first, unless of course you wish to be stuck on the nightmare journey of the 53 route Blyth to Whitley Bay via every speed-hump riddled back street and housing estate ever built.

Oh, and don’t ever bother to ring their customer service, it’s a call centre which might as well be located on another planet since it is not located or staffed by anyone in this region and has no idea about the services here other than copies of timetables.


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