Festival aim for children to be active

A FREE festival to promote health and physical activities for youngsters is taking place next week.

The event in Seaton Delaval, which is expected to attract up to 1,300 children, is being organised by Community Voluntary Action (CVA) and multi-agencies.

All the schools in Seaton Valley will be attending along with pupils from The Dales in Blyth and Barndale in Alnwick.

The aim is to facilitate a day when children between nought and 17-years-old can learn how to have fun without the use of electronic games and be able to play, run around, jump, shout, sing, enjoy physical activities and dance.

The festival highlights the importance of play promoting health, physical activities and peer interaction.

Supported by parents and agencies, organisers say it will be an opportunity to help children realise that healthy activities are fun and share this with their families.

Working in collaboration with groups in Seaton Valley, including the schools, toddler groups and nurseries, the long term plan is to make the event an annual one.

Community foundation the Fair Share Trust, which helps to support many of the activities within the Seaton Valley area, comes to an end this year and is supporting the festival, along with other funders and Seaton Valley Parish Council.

It takes place on Wednesday, July 18, in Astley Park, from 10am to noon and then from 12.30pm to 2.30pm.

Deputy Lord Lieutenant Jean Bell will open the festival.

As the event is for children, anyone wishing to go should contact Fiona Wardlaw or the CVA office on (01670) 353623 and a special ticket will be issued.